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Welcome to Beautiful House Furniture

Beautiful House Ltd is a UK registered and based company who provide Fulfillment and Distribution solutions for the Retail Trade. We Source, Design, Manufacture and Home Deliver stunning furniture and Home Accessories.

The company has a UK production facility based in Lancashire and extensive facilities in the Far East for the larger production runs, they have the license to manufacture and distribute the Belle Maison™ furniture ranges including their stunning nursery and children's furniture. We have supplied many of the famous companies and Brands in the industry plus a plethora of kids specialist retailers and mail order companies in the UK.

If you would like to buy products from Beautiful House Furniture and are a bona fide Trade organization then send an email to newaccount@bh-furniture.co.uk and you could soon have access to the most beautiful furniture at fantastic prices not produced by anyone else and soon realise why we are quickly becoming the true 'Power behind the Punch' in our Industry.

Download a PDF of the Belle Maison products
we make for Harrods
Download a PDF of the Nordic Style products we make for Harrods